2019, February

(0) From the Underlying Logic of Social E-Commerce, Analyze the Trend of ECommerce
PINDUODUO, the energy of social e-commerce has once again become the focus of media analysis. In the second half of the Internet, we need to first clarify the fundamental logic of social e-commerce, the applicability of the underlying logic. Based on this, the development potential of social e-commerce is analyzed.
(0) Social ECommerce: The Future Business Opportunity of TikTok 15 Seconds
The TikTok e-commerce is promising in the future, and even the social e-commerce that WeChat Weibo can't do well will have a miracle in the vibrato. Artist Andy Warhol has a famous saying: Everyone can be famous for fifteen minutes, and everyone can be famous in fifteen minutes.
(0) The Two Ways of Playing Social E-Commerce
I would like to ask about the operation of social e-commerce. How can I attract other customers to cooperate with myself in the early stage? Or how to build your own social system? I am doing clothing here, I am sorry that the question is more general, because it is still not clear about social e-commerce, and it feels like a micro-business move down the line?